1.0 TOG Little Prince Pj-Zee

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• TOG-rated for warmth

• Skin-friendly

• No blankets needed

• Suitable for every season

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%50 Cotton - %50 Modal

Nature Friendly

Dreams so sweet with Pajama sets that you'll want one more for daywear too! The natural fit and breathable soft fabric help regulate body temperature and prevent cold. All KidZee fabrics are dyed with water-based and skin-friendly dyes. Every Zee-suit and color combination are creatively designed by us.
So, why you will love PJ-ZEE?

1. Soft, skin-hugging stretch in two directions, and flexible fabric deliver comfort and movement to little ones.

2. We left an extra margin behind so that the little ones' backs do not open during movement and their backs do not get cold and stay warm during sleep. 

3. For toddlers who do not like blankets during sleep, you can use our TOG-rated pajama sets at ideal room temperature.

TOG Info

1.0 TOG

TOG value is a temperature value that makes it easier for parents to choose the right sleeping suits that are compatible with the room temperature. 1.0 TOG is suitable for the temperature 20°C – 24°C or 68°F – 75°F.


Wash before wear with colored clothing.
Wash with detergent for colors.
Warm gentle machine.
Turn garment inside out to wash and dry
Line dry
Do not tumble dry
Do not dry clean
Do not bleach
Do not iron